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Harold Schonberg - American Record Guide, June 2001
An Italian pianist, born in 1968, Libetta makes a formidable impression in this recording of a concert given in Miami, January 27, 2000. He is a super-virtuoso who does not dowse you with pail-full of notes. No technical showmanship here: with his kind of technique Libetta does not need to try to make an impression.
He takes his wonderful fingers for granted (he makes the difficult Ravel sound easy), and the listener is swept along. He has put together an interesting program, from Gesualdo to Mompou - mostly arrangements -and he is the master of every period or style represented. Seems that a new generation of virtuosos is appearing: a generation that accepts virtuosity not as tightrope walking but as a species of literalism, where musical meaning is more important that knock-'em dead fingerwork.
Libetta is the best of this modern style. He obviously can play, most convincingly, everything he wants, and he has an acute feeling for style: but he never makes a big thing of his technical expertise. Melodic lines are graceful shaped: the piece sing. I have no hesitation calling him an important pianist.
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