Francesco Libetta's consecration

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Martedì 01 Luglio 2008 08:33

The series ended with quite an event: Francesco Libetta's enthroning a La Roque (France). This Italian pianist is a shock for the audience. Some have seen in him the greatest virtuoso's reincarnation. An impenetrable face, a naturally noble and elegant posture and a bewildering technique -not as perfection in itself- but as a mean of magnifying the music. Strauss revised by Gieseking, Godowsky revisiting Chopin, astounding Alkan, Listz's Totentanz relentlessness (the magic of the first chords, the explosive Dies Irae.)

And let's not forget his art at transfiguring each page:
Hummel's agility, and the thousands nuances of l'Isle Joyeuse's trills…This DVD is not only fascinating but one of the best film ever.

Bruno Montsaingeon overflows with ideas. He frames Libetta's hand as if they were separate entities, dancers, magicians, demons. The images do more than flatter the music, they live with it.
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